About me

    Programmer, web developer and sometimes... speecher, dreamer or thinker. Interested in IoT, open source technologies, programming languages and artificial intelligence. I am the principal author of the Navitron system.


    Flight, photography, doing stuff with computers, physics, astronomy, Go game, cooking, evening walks, traveling to places impossible to find on booking.com... and another 11... and the list remains open.

    What I love?

    Open minds, discoveries, creativity, kindness, dressed nature in the colors of October and of course... I love Christmas.

    What concern me?

    Hypocrisy, prejudices, fear of new things, selfishness, superstitions, anger, greed and stupidity; but not necessarily listed in this order. Seriously! I tried hard but I still feel limited or stuck to understand any of them.

    Who inspires me?

    This is a good question. I think there are over 300 extraordinary people in history and over 50 contemporaries.

    At work I always follow this simple philosophy:

    Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. Special cases aren't special enough to break these rules.

    Anything else?

    Rules or obedience?! What are these? Maybe... just challenges.

    Are we alone?

    In the Universe? - I'm sure NOT! That would mean a great waste of space and energy.
    On the Earth? - Often YES, because we behave like we were the center of the Universe.

    What matters most?

    The one next to us. I know... I know! It's a hard-to-digest concept, so you have to think deeply. It makes sense if the one next to us thinks the same.

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